Photo by Violetta Photo

about the artist

A life-long performer, Hayley never turns down an opportunity to be on stage or in front of a camera. She engages audiences with her exuberant energy while her compelling presence and remarkable skills make each performance captivating, whether dance-based or circus-driven. Dance-trained as a young child, Hayley strives to bring her classical and contemporary movement background into all her work, frequently relying on her love of both the ground and the air to create a dynamic fusion of dance and circus genres.

Hayley was introduced to aerial arts while studying dance at Oberlin College, and once she started to climb, she never looked down! Currently residing in Chicago, IL, Hayley is a circus generalist who is just as happy spinning through the air as she is rolling on the ground. As a soloist, Hayley performs on aerial fabric and cyr wheel, and dabbles in juggling and handstands. True to her background as a dancer, she fosters her love of collaboration through synchronized silks performances with fellow dancer Rachel Nesnevich, and as a duo trapeze porter for Duo Filamental with flyer Rachel Webberman.

She is available for hire throughout the US as a solo or duo aerial artist or instructor, and can be found at several local Chicago circus studios for weekly classes or private instruction. Circus, dance, and teaching CVs and references are available upon request, along with workshop descriptions, client and guest reviews, and contract details.